Anne Tonner on Winning the Finch 2017 Memoir Prize

Anne Tonner Memoir Prize Winner

Anne Tonner talks with Samantha Miles and Sarah Blundell from Finch Publishing

‘There is a ferocity and velocity to this memoir that’s totally compelling. The loss of identity, the obsession with saving a child, the sacrifice, the guilt over neglected siblings, a marriage placed under enormous strain – all of this relentlessly builds to a crescendo of a story about survival. Many readers will
relate to this book and find in it a source of hope that someone has been before them.’
Maggie Mackellar, author of When it Rains

Anne Tonner won the 2017 Memoir Prize unanimously. All three judges agreed it was the standout memoir.

In this Interview we did back in May, Anne talks with Samantha Miles - Finch Publishing Manager, about what it was like to win the 2017 Memoir Prize. And a small insight into the writing of the book itself.



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