Anne Tonner in conversation with Wendy Harmer at the launch of COLD VEIN

The launch of Cold Vein in June 2017 saw Wendy Harmer in conversation with author Anne Tonner. Wendy brought her insight and thought provoking questions to the evening, which enabled all present to glimpse a little further into the world of Anne Tonner and her family and the writing of this compelling memoir.

Anorexia is a difficult subject to talk about and perhaps even harder for many of us to completely understand. What Anne was able to do with Cold Vein is give us a 'behind the scenes' guide, into this disease and the effects it can have on a family not only the victim. She was able to show us the people behind the disease and help us create empathy that carries through to all anorexia suffers and their families. 

In this short 4 min clip from the night we bring you a small sample of Anne's generosity and Wendy's keen insights.


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